40 Massively Creepy Products You Can Get On Amazon

2021-12-25 02:25:33 By : Mr. Jeremy Shen

Halloween's always around the corner — whether you're reading this in September or April — so if you really think about it, you're practically out of time to get your life up to spooktacular standards before the best day of the year arrives. And it's never too early or late to celebrate: especially if you snatch up some of the creepiest products on Amazon. They're not Halloween-themed, either. They're just bizarre AF products you'll find both useful and odd. You know, because life can be creepy all year round, and there's nothing better than some odd products that make your daily routine a little more interesting.

From a fun zombie-themed popsicle mold made out of flexible silicone, to an eyeglass stand shaped like a creepy blank face, you really can't go wrong with any of the items we've amassed on this list — and besides, who can resist a handmade skeleton-themed salt and pepper shaker set?

So whether you're counting down the days until October 31st, or even just in the oddly-specific market for an oven mitt shaped like a cow, you truly can't go wrong with any of the weird but utterly brilliant products people are buying on Amazon.

With this Suck UK Fred pen holder, you can get your frustrations out without getting in trouble with the law. Made from durable silicone that won't crack (even with thorough use), this pen holder is a great way to keep organized while livening up your desk's atmosphere. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "ink wipes away easily in case you mis-stab him, so he doesn't get all marked-up with use!"

Nobody likes coming home to find dirt and grime tracked all over the floor, so why not keep your home squeaky-clean with the Bontip dust mop slippers (and without having to take out a broom)? These slippers are made with plush chenille microfiber that's exceptionally absorbent and easily latches onto dirt, plus they're designed so that they can fit over the top of any shoe.

The Hycles 3-D sleep mask is designed with raised sockets so that the soft, lightweight material isn't touching your eyes while you sleep — making it more comfortable for you, while the design makes it a little creepier for anyone who is sharing your bed. There's an adjustable buckle and strap on the back that allows this mask to fit any head, and the material is also incredibly breathable.

Nail polish can be a pain to get off — so try out these Esarora nail polish remover caps and save yourself some frustrations. They attach to your fingertips and hold a polish remover-soaked cotton wipe against your nails so it's effortless to remove. They work with UV gel, acrylic, and traditional polish, and they won't damage your nail beds in the process.

Whether you've got meat cooking on the barbecue, in the oven, or on the grill, the Jolly Green Products meat claws make it easy to shred your food for a chef-worthy meal. These meat claws are heat-resistant — and they're also great for lifting meat in lieu of tongs.

It's easy for indoor plants to become dusty, but it's even easier to damage those plants when trying to get rid of the dust — unless you're using the Cyber Clean leafcare cup. This handy cleaner is made with neem tree and almond oils, so that your plants are left looking shiny and vibrant: plus, the formula is non-toxic as well as biodegradable. One reviewer writes: "I'll admit, this looks and smells like something from another planet (like gack or those weird toy products from the 90's)... but this does seem to do basic cleaning with little to no effort."

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis or simply have sore, tired feet after a long day, the GuanZo foot massager mat helps alleviate pain and stress. The raised nubs and uneven surface suit all different types of raised arches, and one Amazon reviewer even raved "the small bumps are soothing to the soles" and that "I like how it is small and easy to store away!"

Not only can it hold your cell phone, but the Tech Tools desktop cell phone holder can also hold iPods, MP3 players, earbuds, and more — so they're kept safe and secure on your desk. It's exceptionally durable because it's made from a blend of cement and plastic, and the weighted design means that you can also use it as a paperweight.

Instead of eating boring old popsicles, why not try the Tovolo zombie popsicle molds and snack on the undead? These molds are made from flexible silicone that makes it easy to separate the popsicle from the mold, and they won't crack if you twist and contort them. Each mold can make four popsicles at the same time, and the zombie legs and feet are a fun alternative to traditional wooden sticks.

The ALIVER pore mask is infused with iron particles that help create a micro-current in your skin when you wave the included magnet over your face — so yes, it's actually magnetic. The formula is made with vitamin-rich Dead Sea mud along with 24 other types of nourishing minerals. Great for removing dirt, oil, and other impurities from your pores, you only need to wear this mask twice a week for five minutes in order to experience the full benefits.

If you're ever traveling with money, jewelry, USB drives, or other important valuables you'd like to discretely hide in your bag, the Stash-It hairbrush safe is right up your alley. This hairbrush has a secret compartment inside the barrel that you can access by unscrewing the top, and it even functions like a real hairbrush when you're not using it to hide your precious items.

No one likes seeing tumbleweeds of pet hair roam throughout the house, so try using the DELOMO pet grooming glove to stop them before they appear. These gloves have over 200 raised nubs that reach deep into pet hair to lift away any excess hair (as well as detangle any painful knots), and the five-finger design means your pets will actually enjoy being groomed — it's similar to having a massage.

There's no easier way to add a little flair to your kitchen than by having unique little items that get conversations rolling — like this freaky AF skeleton glass and pepper shaker set. The spooky skeleton is made hand-crafted from durable poly-resin, and each set comes with three pieces: one glass salt shaker, a glass pepper shaker, and the handsome skeleton to hold them both.

Blast away acne with the power of... light? The Neutrogena light therapy acne mask uses red and blue light therapy (the same kind you'd pay for at the dermatologist's office) to target acne-causing bacteria as well as reduce inflammation. This acne-fighting mask is also safe for people who have sensitive skin, and it only takes 10 short minutes of wear every day in order to experience the full benefits.

Made with core alloy metal and coated in a soft rubber that won't scratch or damage your phone, the Misskt spiderpodium smartphone stand is compatible with the iPhone 4, 5, and 6 — as well as the Samsung Galaxy and any other phone less than 6 inches tall. Unlike other stands, this one has flexible spider legs that you can wrap around poles, bicycle handlebars, and more, and you can even just use to prop your phone up while you watch videos.

Leaving your eyeglasses sitting loose on any desktop is a surefire way to knock them over — so use the JewelryNanny eyeglass stand to keep them safe from damage. There is a groove behind the nose of this stand that prevents your glasses from sliding off, and unlike other stands this one is completely customizable: The blank design means you can paint the nails, color the face, and decorate it however you like!

If the bottoms of your feet are dry as heck, try using the Scala Beauty foot peel mask. Just wear the booties for a little while, and after a few days, the skin will start to peel off: revealing the soft feet below. Creepy? A little. Amazing? Definitely.

Not only is it formulated with purified bee venom and Manuka honey that help nourish and plump your skin, but the Skin Therapy rejuvenating night cream goes the extra mile by adding in Australian caviar lime extract that leaves your complexion looking bright and smooth. This hydrating cream is safe for all skin types, and it even helps reduce the appearance of scars.

Okay, maybe it's not that much of a surprise when the cup isn't full, but the Creature Cups Cthulhu cup is still a fun, monster-themed way to drink your morning coffee. This cup is made from dishwasher-safe ceramic that helps insulate your drinks, and one Amazon reviewer noted that "when you drink your coffee it's like Cthulhu is rising from the abyss!"

Made from surgical-grade stainless steel that won't rust over time, the Wowe tongue scraper cleaner helps combat persistent bad breath by removing all the built-up plaque and bacteria on your tongue more effectively than a traditional toothbrush. These scrapers can be adjusted, and the curved design makes it easy to reach the entire length of your tongue.

Whether you've got hammer toes, claw toes, bunions, or even just tired toes, the DR JK gel toe separators will help alleviate pain while ensuring that your toes are properly aligned. These separators are made from soft medical-grade gel that won't irritate or chafe your skin, plus they're even stretchy.

Maybe your home is drafty and your feet are always cold, or maybe you're just looking for a fun pair of slippers. Either way, the Caramella bubble bear claw slippers are certainly a fun solution. These slippers are made with a thick wool-like material that keeps your feet warm even on cold winter nights — and since they're stuffed with memory foam, they're also exceptionally comfortable.

Regular wooden utensils won't easily scrape the mixing bowl when trying to wipe out any excess batter, which is only part of why the Fred And Friends cartoon hand spatula is so great. Not only does the contoured shape of the cartoon finger design conform to the shape of your bowl as you wipe, but the wooden handle is also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you work.

Instead of using a boring spoon when mixing your margaritas, cosmopolitans, and more — why not add a little fun into your drinks with the Fred And Friends skull bar spoon? This spoon is made from durable stainless steel that won't rust or corrode over time, and the extra-long handle makes it easy to stir all the way down into taller cups.

Made from durable, flexible, and heat-resistant silicone so it won't absorb heat (which helps keep your hands safe from accidental burns), the Marna White Piggy Steamer lid has two vents located in the pig's nostrils that allow the steam to escape. You can also use this lid to assist in opening tough jars, and it's even great as an alternative to plastic wrap or foil over your containers.

If you feel bad about stepping on bugs, but also would prefer that they lived outside instead of rent-free in your home, try using the Fannel pest control vacuum to safely suck them up and then release them into the great outdoors. This humane bug vacuum has a built-in LED flashlight that makes it easy to see exactly where you're aiming, and the elongated design keeps your hands far away from any of the little critters.

Why use a boring ol' plain white sheet mask when you can get the same benefits from the fun E5 animal print sheet masks? Each one of these masks is printed with a fun animal design that makes you look like a tiger, panda, or unicorn, and each one has a different ingredient to help leave your skin glowing. The unicorn mask is infused with nourishing collagen, the panda has detoxifying green tea, and the tiger one has moisturizing aloe.

Unlike heavier massagers that can be rough on your skin, the Giggle Beaver body stroke massager is super-lightweight and gives you a pleasantly odd feeling as you drag it across your skin. You can use this massager on your back, arms, legs, or practically anywhere else on your body, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "it's so good that you can get a sensation overload!"

The Wizards of the Coast Betrayal At House On The Hill can be played by up to six people and takes approximately one hour to complete. Unlike other board games that can become repetitive after multiple play-throughs, this game features multiple scenarios and layouts so that no two games are the same. It's a creepy haunted house exploration game, and one reviewer writes: "We love this game. We've played it so many times, and every time is different. There are still so many haunts that we haven't experienced yet. the replay value of this game is outstanding."

Unlike traditional neck pillows, the Zen Guru acupressure neck pillow has built-in acupressure magnets and points that help relieve pain by targeting the trigger points in your neck and shoulders. You can also use this pillow to relieve pain from headaches as well as migraines, and one Amazon reviewer raved that after only 10 minutes "my back was relaxed, and I felt the relaxation for 24 hours until the next day!"

The TuKnon nose hair removal kit uses a specially-designed wax applicator that you insert into your nose to target any unwanted hairs. The wax will not come into contact with the important hairs deeper inside of your nose that you want to keep, and each kit comes with enough for 20 removal sessions.

Perfect for removing hot items from the microwave — as well as freaking people out — the Boston Warehouse cow oven mitt is made from breathable, quilted cotton that won't leave your hands feeling smothered and sweaty. And since the cow theme is full-color and printed on both sides, this oven mitt also works great as a puppet.

Whereas traditional trivets can be difficult to store since they're solid and bulky, the PELEG DESIGN flexible trivet can be squished down to fit into small spaces, which makes it particularly great for cramped kitchens. This trivet is made from silicone that's durable as well as heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, plus it's also BPA-free and non-slip so your hot pots and pans won't slide off.

Admit it — popping pimples is fun. But instead of damaging your skin by popping them on your face, use the POP IT PAL pimple popping toy. This toy is comes pre-packaged with fake pus inside of the 16 pimples that you can use to fidget with or relieve stress, and once they've all been popped the pus is even reusable (you can microwave the pus and then refill the block).

If you're in the habit of grinding your teeth while you sleep, or even just uncomfortably clenching them, then try wearing The ConfiDental moldable mouth guard at night. This mouth guard molds to accommodate mouths of all shapes and sizes, and each order comes with a total of five guards: three for regular protection, and two for those of us with more heavy-duty needs.

Not only is it designed to be exceptionally durable with a chrome and metal design, but the Kangaroo skull bottle opener has an easy-grip handle that fits perfectly into your hand, making it easy to pop tabs, caps, and more. Many Amazon reviewers noted how this bottle opener is "good quality," too.

Snail mucin extract is great for giving your complexion a nourishing dose of hydration, and the COSRX advance snail mucin essence is positively loaded with it — the formula is 96 percent snail extract. This serum leaves your complexion glowing as well as fresh, and it's safe for all types of skin (even those of us who are more on the sensitive end of the spectrum).

Instead of throwing down a few heavy books whenever you want to prop a door open, why not use the Fred and Friends cat paw doorstop? It's double-sided, so that you can flip it over and still enjoy a fun cat paw design — and one Amazon reviewer noted that this doorstop "keeps our cat from locking himself inside the bathroom."

If you're looking for a natural alternative to fluoride that doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, search no further than the Miswak Club natural toothbrush. These toothbrushes are made from Arak tree wood that's been grown without any chemicals or pesticides, and they're also great for removing stains from coffee, tea, and wine. Each stick comes with its own carrying case, and they'll last you for up to three weeks of everyday use.

With curved arms that allow it to perch on the side of your cup, the Fred and Friends sloth tea infuser lets you brew loose tea leaves without having to worry about them escaping into the water. Made from non-toxic, food-safe and BPA-free silicone, this infuser is also tasteless so that it won't change the flavor of your tea, and because it's reusable, it's even eco-friendly.

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