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2021-12-25 02:24:49 By : Ms. Vanessa Feng

In few days from now, it will be Christmas - a day to spend with our loved ones and gorge on goodies. The festival is all about carol singing and about gifting. If gifting is on your mind, it always helps to be a little thoughtful about the person whom you intend to give a gift. If it is a man, it is about time you put your mind to it and came up with some innovative ideas.

As much as one may protest, beauty products are mostly marketed as stuff meant for women. The reality couldn't be farther from truth. Think about it - isn't a lip balm as much about women as it is about men? Or a body scrubbing belt for that matter? Or a eco-friendly Neem wooden comb? 

Thankfully, online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon have a host of products that can be used by all the genders and also come at very attractive prices. 

Surprise your loved ones with these easy-to-get but thoughtful gifts, available online, this Christmas and make the festive season a happy one for them. Here are a few gifting ideas we have curated for you.

1)  Man Maters Derma Roller  

What is the one beauty concern that most men have? Hair loss. This roller helps address that core issue. It comes with 540 titanium alloy micro needles which aid in the absorption of topical applicators (example hair oil or serum) for improved nourishment and stimulate hair growth. What's more is it also helps in reducing hair fall. It is easy to use and is safe too. When rolled over the scalp or hairline, the roller creates tiny punctures. The micro-needles penetrate just deep enough to boost your blood circulation and help in production of new cells. 2) Epyz Relaxing Gel Eye Mask with Strap-on Cooling Relaxation for Tired Eyes

What is it that a tired pair of eyes need the most? Some relaxation, you will agree. So gift a pair of relaxing gel eye mask to the men in your life and see the smile on their faces. Be it watching TV, laptops, working in kitchen or simply reading a book late into the night, eyes are constantly under strain. This mask helps relieve headache and a dropsy (edema) of the eyes and prevents dry eyes puffiness. This therapeutic gel eye mask is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic condensate (liquid collected by condensation) and purified water.

3) Havells HD3151 1200 Watts Foldable Hair Dryer  

If anyone of you believed that hair dryers are beauty accessories meant for women alone, then it is time to change that. This accessory is of great help, particularly in winter months. What one can't do without in a hair wash. Sadly wet hair during winters can mean cold and cough. Hair dryers come in rather handy and make for a perfect gift item. This dryer from Havells comes in three heat modes - hot, cool and warm. It provides powerful drying with its 1600 W. 4) Urbangabru Lip Balm For Lightening & Brightening Dark Lips  

Lip balms are as much for men as they are for women. Balms not just soothe cracked lips, they also remove tan. This balm effectively exfoliates dead lip skin and brightens dark lips. It restores natural lip colour and makes damaged and dead lips soft. It contains Shea butter, beeswax and vitamin-E, all of which boost collagen and repairs damaged lips.  5) Bulfyss Hair Scalp Massager Scrub Shampoo Brush Ultra Long Soft Silicone Bristles Exfoliating Ergonomic Scrubber Comb

Never thought of using a shampoo brush, did you? Well, if you have never used one, it about time someone gifted you one. Why? Well, that's because not only does it clean the scalp well, it does a host of other things - it gently massages the scalp to promote blood circulation, cleans the oil and scalp from hair roots, relieves itching and strengthens hair roots, reduces fatigue and makes the hair healthier. It also exfoliates the scalp. The shampoo brush also helps relieve stress and relaxes the body.  6) The Legend Organic Pure Neem Wood Comb Beard, Brown  

Men need a good comb just as much as women. If you have a beard, it is all the more important to invest in a good comb. Increasingly, people are doing away with plastic ones, and opting for those made with natural material. A type to consider are wooden combs and within them, those made from Neem wood. This could be a great gift - small and insignificant, some may say, but it makes tremendous sense. You could make a combo and present it as a gift. Since it is made of wood, it does not create static electricity, Neem wood prevents germ and oil buildup and thereby prevents dandruff from forming.  7) Sulfar Silicone Body Back Scrubber, Double Side Bathing Brush  

This is yet another useful item to give as a gift. A problem everyone faces while having a bath - how does one clean the back? Your hands can reach till only a certain point. The answer to these issues is simple - a body back scrubber. And if someone was to gift this to you, take it gleefully as it has many benefits. Apart from cleaning and exfoliating the skin, it also gentle massages the back well and increases blood circulation.

8) Villain Perfume For Men  

Keeping aside useful things as gift items, lets think of indulgence. What better than perfume? Nothing elevates the mood as well as a vintage perfume. And it also makes for a perfect gift item. So, this Christmas, gift your man a bottle of Villain Perfume and watch how his face lights up. This long-lasting perfume comes in two fragrances - woody and spicy.  9) Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil  

If we spoke of gifting a scalp roller before, we are now recommending gifting a hair growth oil. This oil, made from onion, is particularly geared towards boosting hair growth. Because it also has Sunflower oil, Amla oil and Hibiscus oil, it makes hair strong and shiny too. 

10) Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Double Action Facewash  

When it comes to utility, even a humble facewash can be a thoughtful gift idea.  A facewash not just helps remove excess oil from the face, it also helps fight pollution and its effects. Enriched with salicylic active and vitamin C, this facewash exfoliates skin as well and reduces dullness. At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase.  

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