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2021-12-25 02:24:50 By : Mr. Blank Cai

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While stretching and cold showers can help with post-workout recovery, sometimes you need to pull out the big guns to give your muscles the relief they really need. Hence why it may be time to invest in a massage gun, especially if you experience long-lasting, uncomfortable aches and pains after working out. Massage guns are high-tech recovery tools that vary in size, attachments, speed, force, vibration, and noise level. The machine helps relieve pain by targeting areas of muscle stiffness through deep pulses of pressure, which can increase blood flow, relieve lactic acid buildup, soothe muscle spasms, and more.

Whether you need a massage gun for on-the-go use or want to incorporate it into your at-home gym routine, we found the best massage guns available to buy based on their powerful performance, advanced technology, and customer reviews. Ready to say goodbye to sore muscles and kinks? Shop ahead.

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