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2021-12-25 02:33:20 By : Ms. Betty Liu

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Most of us have had a stressful year, and with so many affordable products out there that can help relieve pain and offer some relaxation, it's worth treating yourself. Right now you can get any one of these at-home massagers on sale for 15% off with code SAVE15NOV at checkout as a part of a Pre-Black Friday Sale. 

This powerful massage gun can target and pinpoint muscle areas that need extra attention. The gun-shaped design makes it easy to use when massaging your own body. 

Featuring over 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this product is great for those with sore legs. Put it on like a pair of leggings, and let the treatment commence! 

The Actigun 2.0 is a high-performance massage gun. Equipped with many attachments and massage heads, it's suited to treat a variety of pains and ailments.

This simple ball might be underwhelming at first sight, but it's actually a fantastic self-care product. A versatile massage tool to roll on and over, this peanut can accomplish a lot. 

Here is another example of a vibrating massage ball that can do more than you'd ever imagined. Each of this massage ball's four speeds is ideal for different aches, pains, and needs. 

You can hold this powerful, relaxing device in the palm of your hand. You can also use it to massage and soothe the palm of your hand. 

Some of us need a harder push when getting a massage. The MINIREX specializes in giving strong percussion massages to those who need them most. 

Different pressure points call for different massages. That's why the DynaMini has interchangeable heads attached to a powerful body. 

An advanced at-home massage gun is a nice luxury, but sometimes it can be loud. Check out this silent massage gun from JAWKU for relaxation without the noise. 

Sometimes you need to just close your eyes and kick back. This Bluetooth eye massager can make that experience all the more enjoyable. 

For those of us who like to get lost in the cozy, a massage chair can do the trick. Few are as immersive as this one from ADOR with special slots for your arms and legs. 

Whether you're on your feet all day or training for a marathon, leg massagers are a huge help. This Exogun Wrap covers all of your leg muscles with heat and relaxation. 

If your dogs are barking, some relaxation goes a long way. This VibraCare Foot Massagers does wonders for your feet. 

For athletes and travelers, having relaxation on the go can be a huge plus. This Exogun pocket massage gun makes high-end massage an option on the road. 

This simple roller can work miracles on a number of your muscles. Perch upon it, rollover your aches and pains, and watch them drift away! 

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